加州大学洛杉矶分校 is committed to promoting 多样性, 股本, 包容, 和归属感 in our University community. 这个网站是通往DEIB校园资源、信息、活动和项目的门户.

Celebrating Our 多样性

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我们的目标是培养一个欢迎和包容的校园,让学生, Faculty, and staff thrive, and community is honored and cultivated. 加州大学洛杉矶分校 is a Hispanic-Serving Institution, Minority-Serving Institution, 以及亚裔美国人和美洲原住民太平洋岛民服务机构. 我们庆祝拥有全国最多样化的学生群体之一.

Hispanic-Serving Institution

我们深感自豪的是,我们是一个为西班牙裔服务的机构.S. Department of Education. 加州大学洛杉矶分校 has been an HSI for over three decades. 



Most Diverse Faculty in Nation

First-Generation 学生

Identity-Based Student Centers

DEIB in the Colleges


Equity Coordinators

公平协调员致力于促进多样性, 股本, 包容, 和归属感 in their fields and at the University. 他们在各自的学院内作为倡导者和合作者,促进DEIB实践, including in Faculty recruitment, 招聘, 和保留, to lead conversations, and to develop college DEIB councils.


Guiding Principles

新葡京博彩官网的指导原则有助于领导大学对公平的承诺, 多样性, 包容, 和归属感.Explore the Guiding Principles



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The 员工归属、社区和多样性工作小组 develops and facilitates programming, 事件, 和资源,为新葡京博彩官网的员工和管理人员营造一个协作和包容的工作环境. 

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工作人员 Dialogues

全年的活动为员工提供了参与校园真实对话的机会, with a focus on 股本, 包容, 和归属感. 

工作人员 in a classroom during an event

工作人员 Resources




文化 dancers at La Raza Grad Celebration

Cross 文化 Centers

新葡京博彩官网的跨文化中心鼓励学生学习,并营造一个包容性的校园环境,挑战种族主义, 性别歧视, 异性恋主义, and other forms of oppression. CCC提供各种各样的项目和服务,探索共享和独特的经验, 历史, and 遗产s of our diverse community. The CCC includes four identity-based student centers: 

  • Asian Pacific Islander Student Resource Center
  • Chicanx Latinx Student Resource Center
  • Pan African Student Resource Center
  • 性别 & Sexuality Resource Center 
Group of students from RISE outside in masks

RISE Peer Mentoring


Gold background with black and gold designs. The Network: A Program for Men of Color

The Network: Men's Success Initiative

该网络通过提供与文化相关且引人入胜的校园服务,支持自我认同为男性的有色人种本科生及其盟友的发展, academic resources, and a supportive community that reflects them. 


Two male students walking with I Serve L.A. t恤

新葡京博彩官网获得 2022年高等教育卓越多样性奖

INSIGHT Into 多样性 杂志选择新葡京博彩官网展示了对多样性和包容性的杰出承诺. 

King Hall with a tree in the front right side of photo


美国历史学会(American Historical Association)将机构公平奖(Institutional Equity Award)颁发给那些在招募和留住未被充分代表的种族和族裔群体进入历史学科方面表现出色的机构.

加州大学洛杉矶分校 Faculty recipients of the NSF grant


加州大学洛杉矶分校 has been awarded an $880,通过招募和培训下一代分子模拟科学家来增加STEM领域的多样性.


新葡京博彩官网成立美国第一所民族研究学院.S. 50年后

民族研究学院设有泛非研究系, Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies, and Asian and Asian American Studies. 这是美国50年来建立的第一所民族研究学院. 

Celebrations and 事件

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Throughout the year, 大学的各个领域都会举办活动和节目,通过文化来关注和庆祝不同社区的历史和贡献, 遗产, and awareness activities, as well as 事件 that spark important discussions.

Land Acknowledgement

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With great respect, 新葡京博彩官网承认Tongva人是Tovaangar - Tongva世界-包括洛杉矶盆地的传统守护者, South Channel Islands, San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys, and portions of Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties. 加州大学洛杉矶分校 is located within these lands, as an institution located on unceded Tongva land, we pay our respects to the ancestors, 长老, and our relatives/relations, 过去的, 现在, 和新兴. Consistent with our values of community and 多样性, 我们有责任承认并展示大学与土著人民的关系. By offering this land acknowledgement, 我们肯定原住民的主权,并将努力让新葡京博彩官网对美国印第安人的需求承担更多责任.

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